Sara Underdown - champagne lover, educator and finalist in the Vin de Champagne Awards.
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About Me

I am a die-hard champagne fan to say the least. Having fallen head-over-heels in love with the drink of kings during my first trip to Champagne in 2011, it was probably inevitable that one day I would combine my love of champagne with my work as a professional writer. I travelled once again to Champagne in 2012 and commenced my blog shortly after, putting pen to paper to discuss champagnes and champagne-inspired events and news. I have also cultivated my love of champagne by completing an Advanced Certificate with the Wine Spirit and Education Trust (WSET) in early 2013.


My love of champagne ultimately led me to enter and be announced as a finalist in the 2016 Vin de Champagne Awards, one of Australia’s most coveted wine awards.


My background is not exactly what most would expect. I am an experienced communicator with 14 years working as a Political Adviser to the Federal Government, as a Campaign/Communications Manager to a major political party, and as a Communications Manager/Bid Manager for major engineering companies.


These days, my time is largely spent as a wife, mother and major bid manager, travelling between Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. I specialise in political communication, winning major civil infrastructure bids for ASX100 companies and training technical people in the art of clear communication, persuasion and understanding government processes.


I hope you enjoy my website. It’s a way of sharing my love for this magnificent cuvée in an easy to understand way so that others may be inspired (regardless of how much they know about wine) to delve deeper into their champagne experiences.




Sara Underdown